Submission deadline:  August 17, 2009

Auditions:  Aug. 17 and Aug. 24 (AEA EPA auditions and callbacks)

RICHIE PO – Asian American male – 50’s.  Chinese immigrant, factory worker.  Lonely, sensitive, fearful, selfless, awkward, clumsy yet endearing.  He lives in pain, regret and fear, and has lost his path.  A terrible cook.

GLORIA B – African American female – 40’s.  African American nurse.  Friendly, feisty, a firecracker, joyful and playful, yet guarded, insecure and lonely.  Can also be controlling, demanding and hotheaded.  A master at authentic southern cooking.  In denial about so much.

PO MAMA – Asian American female – 70’s.  A Taiwanese master chef to the stars and a television personality.  funny, charming, regal, but can be overbearing, controlling, riotous.  Full of guilt and regret over her son..

To submit headshots & resume electronically, please send information to casting@eastwestplayers.org.