L.A. Cultural Affairs is in danger of being eliminated.  Please support the arts in L.A.! Write your council member, and especially to Jan.Perry@LACITY.org, to urge her and your city council person to keep the Department of Culteral Affairs and the Transient Occupancy Tax.

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Here is a copy of the letter.  Feel free to personalize it:

Like you, I am deeply troubled by the state of our economy.  However, the motion to eliminate the Transient Occupancy Tax (the TOT), the only dedicated funding stream for the Department of Cultural Affairs, is not a solution.  In fact, the proposal will only frustrate and delay our economic recovery.

Not just a form of entertainment, arts are the fuel of an economic engine known as the creative economy.  Los Angeles is called the Creative Capital of the United States and is home to more cultural workers than anywhere else in the country, whose work fuels the region. Consider this:

– The arts generate city revenues, bringing $8 into the city for every $1 invested
– The arts draw international and national waves of cultural tourism, a $14.8 billion industry that supports 274, 000 jobs
– The arts bring high-wage, hi-tech businesses to the city
– The arts mean jobs: 1 in 6 jobs in Los Angeles is directly related to the creative economy

The arts are a part of the solution.  Use the arts to generate tourism, stimulate our economy and keep our residents employed.

As an active constituent of your district, I am against this proposal and urge you maintain the integrity of this vital income-generating revenue stream for the Department of Cultural Affairs.

Now, more than ever, our City needs leaders who see that investments to increase revenues are as important to long-term fiscal health as budget-cutting. We need to position our region for economic recovery.  I will stand behind your leadership in using the arts as part of the solution.