Introducing another lovely summer intern, Annie Va!

How’d you come to EWP?

The organization sponsoring my internship is called Constitutional  Rights Foundation. This organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping young people learn about their constitutional heritage, give voice to our ideas and opinion, and make well-informed decisions. In this organization is a program called Expanding Horizons Internships. This program allows high school students to work in the field of their choice and gain professional experience that will help them further in their careers.

Where’d you grow up?

I grew up here in Los Angeles, near Echo Park Lake. Since I was born, I was raised in an 2-house apartment, and have been living there ever since.

What do you other than be an awesome intern?

When I’m not interning at EWP, I am out with my friends playing a game of basketball, or even doing karaoke at another friend’s house. But most of all, I am reading books, either short or long.

I love to sing.

Most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

The most interesting thing I learned from my time at EWP is that it takes more than a script to organize a play. It takes hard working, dedicated people to put it all together, to organize the event, but especially to make it fun for all.

I am thinking about coming back, after my internship to volunteer here at EWP, because my experiences here, are ever-lasting.

EWP is an amazing organization, with dedicated staff members, who deeply appreciate the arts.

Thanks, Annie!