Poor Spencer. First intern in, and it took this long to “interview” him. He’s not even an intern anymore. But he was awesome. He saved me (Narinda) from much eye-melting data entry. Poor Spencer again. And he took the time to answer some question even though he’s moved on, miles and miles and miles away from here. Aw. I don’t have a picture of him, but you can see one here.

Who are you?

Spencer Lee.

How’d you end up doing an internship at EWP?

My professor told me that she would be able to get me an internship at a theatre company. It sounded awesome, so I asked her about it and she hooked it up.

Best memory of your internship?

Getting to know everyone in the office and the socializing/work cycle…you know…when everyone would be quiet, working on their own thing, and then someone says something random. Then it gets loud for about ten minutes. Then everyone goes back to doing their work. Then another random comment. The cycle is always in effect.

Where are you now???

Not at EWP.

Any messages for interns in the future?

Be awesome. Anything less than that will ruin the flow of awesome within the office, and no one wants that. You ruin the flow, you gots to go.