In 2008, we produced a play about Bruce Lee called “Be Like Water,” written by Dan Kwong. In that play, there was a girl.  That girl was Saya Tomioka:

Three years later, she called us for an internship. And she looked more like this:

Let’s learn a little more about the gal.

Your Name?

My name is Saya Tomioka (Sighhh-uhh To-mi-oh-ka)

When did you first hear about East West Players?
I first discovered this lovely theater company when I was called in to audition for “Be Like Water” two years ago!

What have you been up to since Be Like Water?
Well after “Be Like Water,” I guest starred in a CBS sitcom, filmed a commercial with Shaquille O’Neal, transferred to the new arts school in Downtown, became 1st in my class, and adopted my child (aka my cat, Smokey).

Has Meg been working you to the bone?
Has Meg worked me to my bone? Pshhh, nooooo…. not yet.

Do you have a favorite play?
My favorite play… ha! “Be Like Water”! (I also used to be obsessed with Wicked)

Have any hobbies/passions/obsessions?
I LOVE CATS. End of story. Just kidding, there’s more; I also enjoy dancing, karate, and gun shooting, but I do love cats more than anything in the whole wide world.

Where are you headed to after the internship?
After this internship, I am off to focus on my senior year in high school (and possibly save cats’ lives).

One random fun fact about you, please!
In the future, I plan on having four children, in boy-girl-girl-boy order.

And anything else you’d like to add?
I’d like to end this interview with a love poem I wrote for my cat, Smokey. Just kidding. I LOVE YOU ALL AT EWP!

Thanks, Saya! We love you, too. Especially Meg.

We all love interns. Give us a ring if you’re interested. We’ll find a place for you, too. We promise.