We’re glad to update that special preview performances were a success! Opening Night is this Wednesday, November 09 and we are anxiously waiting in anticipation! We all hope that you can watch this amazing production during its 4-week engagement.

Here are a few photos from the set of THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, which were beautifully shot by the amazing Michael Lamont.

Mary (Kimiko Gelman, right) describes to Emma (Jennifer Chang, left) the joy of all the delicious bread she makes in her bakery.

Alta (Jeanne Sakata, right) encourages her husband Resten (Nelson Mashita, left) to eat the traditional meal she has made.

(left to right - Nelson Mashita, Ryun Yu, Jennifer Chang, Jeanne Sakata) George and Emma record Alta and Resten in archiving their native language.

Emma (Jennifer Chang, right) confesses her love for her boss George (Ryun Yu, left) while he is passed out on the floor.

Language Instructor (Jeanne Sakata, right) encourages her student Emma (Jennifer Chang, left) to strongly express her love for her boss.

Mary (Kimiko Gelman, left) inspires Baker (Nelson Mashita, right) to take a stand and live life on his own terms.

Mary (Kimiko Gelman, left) finally leaves her husband George (Ryun Yu, right) after many years in an unhappy marriage.

*All photos are courtesy of Michael Lamont.