The Guardian UK recently posted an article titled, “Language at risk of dying out – the last two speakers aren’t talking: Trouble in Tabasco for centuries-old Ayapaneco tongue as anthropologists race to compile dictionary of Nuumte Oote.” Maybe it is art imitating life, or the other way around.  But one can certainly draw multiple parallels to this reality and our very own stage production of THE LANGUAGE ARCHIVE, currently in it’s final week of its run.

The protagonist, George, is a linguist who is trying to record a dying language now only spoken by two people. An older married couple named Resten and Alta who prefer to bicker in English than in their native tongue, which George is finding rather difficult to record any dialogue.

Linguists in Mexico are trying to preserve the indigenous language of Ayapaneco now only spoken by 2 men, which is “…a race against time to revitalise [sic] the language before it is definitively too late.” However, there is no interaction between these two, which these linguists are finding difficulty in compiling a dictionary set to be published later this year.

Read The Guardian UK article in its entirety here.