EWP is now casting 5 female Asian American roles for TEA WITH MUSIC by Velina Hasu Houston. It is the critically-acclaimed play about Japanese war brides from World War II now living in Kansas gathering for a farewell tea ceremony for one of their members who has mysteriously passed away. In honor of the play’s 25th Anniversary, EWP dares to present something different as Houston pens lyrics and adds original music to this classic play. 

Casting notice below:

Book and Lyrics by Velina Hasu Houston
Music composed by Nathan Wang
Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera

Mon. Sept. 17, 2012 AEA Open Call, 12-4 p.m. @ EWP
Tues., Sept. 18 Auditions by appointment, 12-4 p.m. @ EWP
Rehearsal starts: Oct. 9, 2012
Opens: November 14, 2012
Closes: Dec. 9, 2012
AEA BAT contract

Submit headshot/resume to:
Email to: mimamoto@eastwestplayers.org
Online at: 
Actors Access/Breakdown Services, LA Casting.
        Mail to: East West Players Casting
                      120 Judge John Aiso St.
                       Los Angeles, CA 90012
No phone calls, please.
DEADLINE: SEPT. 14, 2012

Prepare: 16 bars legit musical theater (bring sheet music, no transposing) and 1 minute monologue.

Cast Breakdown
Note that all characters play themselves in present-day (1968), but also shift back in time as far as 1944 when they are in their mid- to late teens.

HIMIKO HAMILTON, Asian American Female 40-45 years old, mezzo soprano. A strong, but fragile woman worn down by circumstances of war and of domestic abuse. She has an intensity that both repels and attracts. Murdered her husband, and was released on self-defense. Has lost her only child (a daughter, Mieko, 18) and is unable to confront the way that she died. From Tokyo.

TERUKO MACKENZIE, Asian American Female 40-45, mezzo soprano. A cheerful woman who skillfully maintains a veneer of sweet politeness. Devoted to her husband and daughter. From Fukuoka.

ATSUKO YAMAMOTO, Asian American Female, 40-45, mezzo soprano. A nationalistic, overly proud, sophisticated woman with entrenched ideas about what is Japanese and what is not. Married to a Japanese American who strives for acculturation. From Nagoya.

SETSUKO BANKS, Asian American Female, 40-45, mezzo soprano. A gracious, compassionate, overly deferential woman quieted by the weight of prejudice. From Kobe.

CHIZUYE JUAREZ, Asian American Female 40-45, mezzo soprano. A woman carrying deeply buried memories of loss that she counters with external strength, verve, and independence; seeks acculturation as a means of survival. From Yokohama.

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