Our Actors Conservatory offers a comprehensive theatre arts curriculum for those who are honing their craft as professional actors as well as those seeking personal expression.

Students have ranged in age from 17-65, are of diverse ethnic and economic backgrounds, and have skill levels from beginning to advanced. What brings everyone together is the dedication to learning and sharing a unique theatrical experience. Minimum age is 17 with parent or guardian consent. Enrolling and completing studies with East West Players Actors Conservatory does not guarantee you will be cast in an EWP mainstage production.

East West Players is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for those who are seeking to challenge themselves and take risks. Our faculty offers the utmost in creative talent whose mission is to provide our students the opportunity to hone their craft in a risk free environment.

All classes will be held in Downtown Los Angeles at St. Francis Xavier Chapel Japanese Catholic Center – Maryknoll located at 222 South Hewitt Street, Los Angeles, 90012 (East of Alameda between 2nd & 3rd Streets).

* Fundamentals of Acting I – Instruction by Dom Magwili
This beginning 8-week class will continue its exploration of improvisation, sensory, and character exercises as well as beginning monologue work. The Fundamentals of Acting series includes the practice of concentration, focus, connecting, following instincts and relaxation.

*Students are encouraged to enroll in Fundamentals I, II & III. Those who complete the series will qualify to enroll in the Studio Lab Project workshop which will culminate in a performance at the end of the session.

*Beginning Voice & Speech (V & S) – Instruction by Leslie Ishii
This course will feature on-going voice and speech technique and will demonstrate how the use of these techniques support the actor to bring the text analysis off the page to increase the richness and level of play in their acting performances. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring your yoga mat!

*Essential Skills for Working Actors – Instruction by David Dean Bottrell
This course is for students who have completed first year of Voice & Speech and will continue to build on previous technique. Prior acting studies/training and voice work are required from any of the major voice methods. Students will experience applying the voice work to your acting work with classroom participation and in-class individual coaching.

*Vocal Class – Instruction by Deborah Shulman
This course is designed to focus on vocal technique that addresses each individual’s vocal issues. Class will also include working with students on the practical application of that technique through exercises using a song they have brought in. Deborah’s clients included Bette Midler, David Lee Roth and Katherine Fries Vaughn and many more.

View schedule of Fall 2013 Actors Conservatory Classes at http://www.eastwestplayers.org/arts_education/conservatory.htm

View 2013-2014 Professional Enrichment Enrollment Form (PDF): http://www.eastwestplayers.org/pdf/arts_education/13_fall_enrollment.pdf

Questions? Contact Arts Education Director Marilyn Tokuda at mtokuda@eastwestplayers.org or (213) 625-7000 x15. Limited Scholarships Available through Beulah Quo Scholarship Fund.